“… an amazing, life-altering event and a must-see for all!”

September 11 - Halifax, Nova Scotia - The Lord Nelson Hotel (Regency Ballroom)
September 12 - Montreal, Quebec - L’Auberge Saint-Gabriel (Grenier Room)
September 14 - Edmonton, Alberta - The Fairmont Hotel MacDonald
September 17 - Banff, Alberta - The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel
September 18 - Regina, Saskatchewan - Radisson Plaza Hotel Saskatchewan
September 19 - Winnipeg, Manitoba - The Fort Garry Hotel, Spa and Conference Centre
September 21 - Hamilton, Ontario - Hamilton Place (The Studio)
October 12 - St. Paul, Minnesota - The Wabasha Street Caves
October 14 - Chicago, Illinois - Congress Plaza Hotel
October 16 - Cincinnati, Ohio - Cincinnati Music Hall (Corbett Tower)
October 18 - New York, New York - St. Luke’s Theatre
October 20 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Hyatt at the Bellevue
October 23 - Boston, Massachusetts - The Omni Parker House
October 24 - Washington, DC - Renaissance Mayflower Hotel
October 26 - Columbus, Ohio - The Hyatt Regency
October 27 - Nashville, Tennessee - Gaylord Opryland Hotel
November 8 - Denver, Colorado - The Brown Palace Hotel
November 10 - Salt Lake City, Utah - The Grand American Hotel
November 11 - Portland, Oregon - The Benson Hotel
November 14 - Seattle, Washington - The Harvard Exit Theatre
November 15 - Vancouver, British Columbia - Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

The star of A&E’s hit series, "PSYCHIC KIDS: CHILDREN OF THE PARANORMAL" and "PARANORMAL STATE" will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride with his comedic wit and his ability to tug at your heartstrings during this over 2-hour spectacular event!

SHOW PART 1 --- Q & A. Get to know more about Chip who will answer your questions. Find out about the paranormal, your own abilities, the TV shows he has done and much more.

SHOW PART 2 --- READINGS AND CONTACTS. Following a short intermission, Chip returns to conduct both psychic readings and spirit contacts. Although not all attendees receive a reading, thousands at previous shows have found the gallery readings ‘fulfilling’ and ‘uplifting’. This part of the program ends at approximately 9:45 PM.

THE VIP EXPERIENCE --- GET MORE! Secure your backstage pass to:
- reserved seating in the middle section
- personally meet Chip
- have your picture taken with him
- receive an autographed poster and a VIP Souvenir Laminate

- everything offered in the VIP experience +
- reserved seating in the front section
- a real investigation of the venue

Join Chip on a real investigation following the show! Each venue has its own compelling paranormal story and Chip investigates each location along with a limited number of attendees. The experience wraps up between 11:00PM-11:30PM. The Super VIP Experience is done in the room of each lecture. It is a sit down activity.

General tickets: $49  /  VIP tickets: $99  /  Super VIP tickets: $149
(plus ticketing service charge)

Doors at 6:30pm - Show at 7:30pm
VIP & Super VIP receptions are after the show.
If you purchase a ticket online, please bring your receipt & photo identification with you.
Tickets will be available at the door, cash only.

Halifax, Nova Scotia - Sunday September 11

The Lord Nelson Hotel (Regency Ballroom)

Super VIP Investigation info: While no employees of The Lord Nelson Hotel will confirm paranormal activity on the property, the hotel is situated in the middle of several well-known haunted locations. With a rich and colorful history dating back over 400 years, Halifax, NS is considered one of the most haunted locations in Canada.

In 1917 Halifax Harbour was a hub of activity and acted as a main staging point for supplies and troops to be sent to Europe in support of WW1. The morning of December 16, 1917 produced one of the worst naval incidents in history, when the French freighter “Mont Blanc” and the Norwegian ship “Imo” collided. The subsequent explosion killed nearly 2,000 people, injured well over 4,000 and reduced some 1,600 building to rubble. Many of the dead are said to roam the streets surrounding The Lord Nelson Hotel today.

Additionally, the hotel is within proximity to Citadel Hill, where it is said the ghost of a Mi’kmaq native said to run along the side of the hill at twilight.

Montreal, Quebec - Monday September 12

L’Auberge Saint-Gabriel (Grenier Room)
** English Speaking Show **
This venue is not wheelchair accessible. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Super VIP Investigation info: The history of the Saint-Gabriel dates back to 1688, when French soldier Etienne Truteau acquired the plot of land and built a two-story house. The Home later became the first North American inn and the owner, Richard Dulong, received the first liquor license ever granted under British rule . The property changed hands several times, including; Dolly Hart, the widow of Canada’s first millionaire, Ludger Truteau, a descendant of the original owner and now the Bolay family.

According to patrons and the Inn’s Chef, two friendly ghosts, that are said to occupy the house, have a penchant for playing the pianos located on the higher floors. While Dolly Hart used the Inn as a private residence for opulent gatherings, some believe it is her ghost playing the piano for guests to enjoy.

Edmonton, Alberta - Wednesday September 14

The Fairmont Hotel MacDonald
10065 - 100th Street

Super VIP Investigation info: The Macdonald Hotel is located in Edmonton. It was built in 1915 in the tradition of the grand railway hotels and in the "Canadian chateau" style. The hotel is named after after Sir John A. MacDonald, and is nicknamed by locals as the “Mac.” The reported hauntings here are rather unusual in that they involve what is described as the the sounds of a phantom horse and carriage. What makes this really odd is that these sounds are heard in the hallway of the top floor!

Tickets available at all Ticketmaster locations, charge-by-phone 780.451.8000, or click below.

Banff, Alberta - Saturday September 17

The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel
405 Spray Avenue

Super VIP Investigation info: There are many hauntings that are said to occur at the Banff Springs Hotel. When the hotel was originally constructed, it seems that the contractors actually made a mistake in the architecture and created a room that was said to have no windows, or even an area for a door. It was apparently an empty room that was supposed to be kept hidden to cover up the mistake. When the original wood building burned down due to the fire, this mysterious room was discovered. Individuals have said that in the area where this secret room was found, there have been strange noises and even apparitions seen. It is unknown why these events seem to be linked to the room.

There is a particular room in the Banff Springs Hotel that has been considered to be haunted for several years. This is room 873. It is said, in the past, an entire family consisting of a mother, father, and at least one little girl was murdered in the room. Once the police completed their investigation, the hotel staff attempted to clean the room, but there was one odd occurrence - it seems that the fingerprints of the small girl that was murdered still lingered on the mirror in the room. As a result of this unexplained phenomenon, the hotel management elected to close off the room. However, many visitors to the establishment claim that they see the spirits of the family roaming around the area of the room.

Then, there is the haunting of the female bride was died while at the Banff Springs Hotel. One day, in the history of the hotel, there was a beautiful young bride who was emerging from her room and coming down the staircase. As she proceeded to the bottom of the stairs, some sort of situation occurred that resulted in her falling over the dress and down to the ground floor of the stairs. As a result of the fall, she died instantly. Shortly after the accident, many have claimed to have seen the young spirit of the bride descending down the magnificent staircase in the hotel. In addition to this, she has been seen in other areas of the hotel, still wearing her beautiful white wedding dress that she died in.

Then, there is the story of a man by the name of Sam Macauley. This man worked as a bellman until he died in the year of 1976. It is believed that he still haunts the luxurious hotel, particularly on the upper floors of the hotel. Several people have identified him as a real person and have spoken to him. Out of nowhere, the man suddenly disappears right in front of their eyes!

Regina, Saskatchewan - Sunday, September 18

Radisson Plaza Hotel Saskatchewan
2125 Victoria Avenue

Super VIP Investigation info: The Radisson Plaza is a Victorian hotel with old world charm & tradition. It was built in 1927 with extensive renovations completed in 1992. There have been many suicides discovered in the hotel. Guests have complained of hearing noises in their rooms at night. On many occasions apparitions, have been seen then they vanish. Employees have seen chandeliers swing and rattle violently on their own. One night in the Royal suite, as the maid was cleaning the room, the cupboard doors suddenly swung open and a glass vase flew out narrowly missing her. Many staff members refuse to work on the 5th and 8th floors due to the high level of paranormal activity that takes place.

Winnipeg, Manitoba - Monday September 19

The Fort Garry Hotel, Spa and Conference Centre
222 Broadway

Super VIP Investigation info: Various stories have cropped up about the Fort Garry Hotel over the years to explain its paranormal reputation. For starters, there are reports that a construction worker fell to his death down an elevator shaft while the building was being erected. There are also tales of a woman taking her life in Room 202 of the hotel, upon learning that her newly married husband had been killed in an automobile accident. An alternative take on the story have both the husband and wife being murdered in the hotel itself. However, the stories lack actual evidence to back them up. The hotel was the scene of a fire in 1971 that was located on the seventh floor between the two ballrooms, but even that was quickly contained and repaired. Regardless, there are plenty of ghostly tales of spirits still roaming the halls to this day.

The Ghosts and Room 202: The most notorious level of the hotel is the second floor where Room 202 resides. Guests to the room have reported waking up to find the dark silhouette of a figure in a robe or cloak standing at the end of the bed, which vanished before their eyes. There are also stories of maids cleaning the room reporting blood seeping from the walls, as this was the location of the rumored suicide mentioned above. Though something of a focal point for the reports of paranormal activity on the floor, the entire second floor has something of a ghostly reputation. Other reports have a woman in a ball gown appearing at the foot of a bed or wandering the hotel's hallways.

In 1989, an employee reported seeing a ghostly figure sitting at a table in the dining room, busily eating away at a phantom meal and apparently unaware of the employee's presence. Employees also report strange moaning noises that seem to echo from nowhere and a phantom light is said to be sighted floating down the halls throughout the hotel. For the most part, the claims of spiritual activity throughout the hotel seem to indicate a friendly presence of some bygone customer enjoying their stay in the afterlife.

Hamilton, Ontario - Wednesday September 21

Hamilton Place (The Studio)
10 Macnab Street South

Super VIP Investigation info: THE CUSTOMS HOUSE - Hamilton's Most Haunted Building!

The Custom House, built in 1860, is one of the oldest remaining "federal" public buildings in Canada. It has been notoriously called "Hamilton's Most Haunted Building" due to the fact that there are at least 25 lost spirits confined to the walls of the old structure. The most famous of these spirits is known as the 'Dark Lady', who is in as much residence there now as she ever was!

The 'Dark Lady' was sent over from England at a very young age to start a new life here in Canada. She never got to enjoy this new lease on life, as she was murdered by the captain of her ship and to hide the remains, he buried her lifeless body behind the walls in the now infamous tunnel vault, deep in the basement of the building.

15 men were also buried alive below the vault and their strong presence can still be felt to this very day! There have also been sightings of little children roaming throughout the building, as the Custom House once served as a space for young boys and girls to attend evening classes since they worked during the day.

The Custom House is now home to the Workers' Arts & Heritage Centre, an interpretive museum for workers' history and culture. Since 2003, "Haunted Hamilton" has been hosting regular Ghost Walks at the building, allowing guests to get up close and personal with the ghosts, perhaps even experiencing a spirit or two themselves!

Tickets available at the Copps Coliseum Box Office, charge-by-phone 1.855.872.5000, or click below.

St. Paul, Minnesota - Wednesday October 12

The Wabasha Street Caves

Super VIP Investigation info: There are many stories of the Wabasha Street Caves being haunted. Although some personal encounters are left unknown to the mass public, there are a few that have become somewhat notorious. In the 1970s, when the caves were operating as a disco, there was a young male employee who was closing up for the night when he saw a man walking towards him. As this man came closer, the employee noticed he was wearing gangster clothing from the 1920s era. This young employee apparently thought it was part of a new theatric for the club and didn't think twice about it until this man walked right past him and through the wall.

According to Gina Teel, author of the book Ghost Stories of Minnesota, Deborah Frethem, a tour guide of the Wabasha Street Caves, was walking a client through the back part of the caves in July 1998 when a strange mist appeared in front of them. Teel quotes Frethem commenting of her experience, “It was very indistinct…It wasn’t like I saw a man, but I knew instinctively that it was a man…It walked right through us, and as it did I’m certain the temperature dropped by ten degrees”. Teel writes that Frethem felt the presence wanted them gone and would have hurt them if it was capable. Frethem has also encountered a good-natured ghost. She was alone in the cave after bar close one night while her husband took out the trash, she finished her glass of wine, turned around to put receipts into a cash bag and when she turned back her glass was full. She says there was another time at the bar when her glass was mysteriously full after her just finishing it.

Chicago, Illinois - Friday October 14

Congress Plaza Hotel

Super VIP Investigation info: The Congress Plaza Hotel was built specifically to accommodate travelers to the World's Columbian Exposition in 1893. The hotel was built over the site of a skating rink. There have been numerous reports of strange noises coming from the hotels ballroom at night. When security guards have attended the ballroom to investigate, they have found the area to be empty and devoid of anyone’s attendance.

As a prestigious hotel that has entertained a number of famous guests, there are legends regarding various well-known personalities who may haunt the hotel. One of the more notorious ghosts may be that of gangster Al Capone, who owned the hotel for some time and used it as his headquarters and base of operations.

There have been several reports of hauntings and ghosts in the hallways, with classic poltergeist activity such as; appliances turning themselves off and on.

The Congress Hotel has an eerie reputation for being haunted and held it's first annual Chicago Ghost Conference in October 2007.

Cincinatti, Ohio - Sunday October 16

Cincinnati Music Hall (Corbett Tower)

Super VIP Investigation info: The Cincinnati Music Hall was built on the site where an insane asylum for the mentally ill once stood. Commerce Lunatic Hospital and a hospital for the diseased, called by the locals, The Pest House once existed. Hundred’s of patients who died in the insane asylum and the Pest House, were buried in mass graves in a pauper's cemetery, which was never moved to another cemetery when the first music hall was built directly on top of it. Each renovation and building expansions made, more bones were disturbed and are unearthed.

The first music hall that stood on this site was a modest festival hall, called Gesang Hall. The showpiece theatre which stands here now was built here in 1878, with private money raised by the heavily German population. It has the distinction of being the first in America to be built by a combination of private money fundraiser and a matching grant of money from a Mr. Springer, a wealthy German member of the community. This building has been kept in good shape throughout the years with periodic renovations and building expansions to meet the rising need of the people in the community.

Day and night, maintenance workers, volunteers, audience, group members and security guards have witnessed paranormal occurrences. Some have experienced hearing what was explained as angry whispering by an unseen presence in the elevator, as well as a sense of by followed and watched by shadowy figures. Others have been treated to more visual experiences, recounting stories of apparitions in 1800’s regalia dancing and laughing in the Ballroom.

New York, New York - Tuesday October 18

St. Luke’s Theatre

Super VIP Investigation info: St. Luke's theatre, located in Midtown Manhattan and a part of St. Luke's Lutheran Church, is steeped in the traditions familiar with New York's colorful past. Being a structure over 130 years old and situated where it is, St. Luke's is at the epicenter of numerous fires, outbreaks of disease causing death and civil unrest that engulfed the area through the 1800's.

One of the worst civil revolutions in American history was the 3 day New York Draft Riots, which took place in 1863. The riots resulted in the massacre of an estimated 119 innocent lives, many of which are believed to inhabit the region to this day.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Thursday October 20

Hyatt at the Bellevue

Super VIP Investigation info: This "Grande Dame of Broad Street," opened in 1904 by George Boldt, was the home away from home for the biggest names of the early 20th century. It's hosted everyone from presidents to entertainers as well as travellers alike.

Many of the famous guests have reportedly never checked out and can be seen haunting the halls of the hotel. It’s been reported that Bram Stoker had written portions of his famous novel "Dracula" during one of his stays at the hotel.

A female guest reported seeing the ghost of a man dressed in a tuxedo in her room. Some speculate the original hotel owner still resides on the property. However, many of the hotels guests during the early years would be dressed elegantly, making a confirmation of his identity difficult.

The most famous ghost is bellhop Lafferty, who eagerly assists you with your luggage and then disappears. The 1976 bout of Legionnaire's Disease that spread in the Bellevue-Stratford rooms resulted in the closure of the hotel. It was sold in 1978, sat empty for a decade, and then became the commercial Bellevue building in 1988. In 1996 Hyatt acquired the property and added a 7-story hotel to its original structure.

Boston, Massachusetts - Sunday October 23

The Omni Parker House

Super VIP Investigation info:“I first heard about the ghost of Harvey Parker when I began Working here in 1941,” explained longtime bellman, John Brehm, in a 1992 Boston Globe interview. “ They used to say he roamed the halls on the tenth floor annex. There were many stories, but one in particular happened around 1950. An elderly woman guest insisted she saw an apparition outside room 1078. At first it was a misty apparition in the air, then it turned toward her. She said it was a heavy set older man with a black mustache. He just looked at her, then faded away. She came downstairs, a bit jittery, and security went up to the tenth floor. They checked it out, but reported they could find nothing.” To those who knew Harvey Parker, such sightings - which have not been reported for two decades now - could hardly come as a shock. A perfectionist who kept his hands in every detail of his restaurant and hotel operations, he played the ultimate host to ordinary folks and world-famous guests. A host, it would seem, who could never really bring himself to leave.

Washington, DC - Monday October 24

Renaissance Mayflower Hotel

Super VIP Investigation info: Some strange occurrences have been reported at The Renaissance Mayflower Hotel that appear to be linked to the inauguration of President Calvin Coolidge. Coolidge did not attend his own inaugural ball in 1925 because he was mourning the death of his 16-year-old son. Every year since 1937, on Jan. 20 (Inauguration Day) the lights in the Grand Ballroom flicker and dim at around 10 p.m., the time that the first guests were announced for Coolidge's inauguration.

Hotel staff have reported finding a plate of exquisite hors d'oeuvres and a glass of fine wine on the balcony of the Grand Ballroom. Neither item had been served at any function on that day. And one elevator refuses to move from the eighth floor to the lobby level until 10:15 p.m. -- the approximate time Coolidge would have arrived at the ball from his holding room.

Columbus, Ohio - Wednesday October 26

The Hyatt Regency

Super VIP Investigation info: While the hotel staff will not comment on any activity within the Hyatt Regency, the hotel itself was constructed over a portion of the property belonging to the original location of the Union Station. It also sits directly across from the Loft hotel which regularily experiences paranormal activity. Recently, tragedy struck the area surrounding the Hyatt when construction crews were busy working on the arches of the Old Union station. Work on the project came to a screeching halt when one of the erection trusses used to move components of thebridge collapsed, instantly killing three workers and injuring five others that day on the bridge. Two days later one of the injured workers died. As with the Loft hotel, which re-opened it's doors in 1998, there are constant sightings of a woman dressed in 19th century garb to which even the Hotel Manager routinely acknowledges her presence.

Nashville, Tennessee - Thursday October 27

Gaylord Opryland Hotel

Super VIP Investigation info: The most famous ghost in Opryland lore is known as “The Black Lady”. She has been seen all over the hotel, including the grounds now occupied by additional buildings. She is said to be a young looking women and always dressed in black, from head to toe. Most of those whom have encountered the “Black Lady” describe her as wearing a long black veil that somewhat obscures her face.

A cleaning crew, so terrified by seeing the “Black Lady”, called Hotel Security, while another employee quit upon seeing her hovering above the floor. Mrs. McGavok, who most believe to be the “Black Lady”, once owned a mansion and the surrounding land with her family. According to witness accounts, the “Black Lady” bears a striking resemblance to Mrs. McGavok.

It is believed that the ghost of Mrs. McGavok is not pleased with the development of her families land and she roams the Estate to this day.

Denver, Colorado - Tuesday November 8

The Brown Palace Hotel

Super VIP Investigation info: The haunted history of this hotel is a long and rich one. It is understood that up until around the year of 1985, there were several people who made this luxurious home their permanent home. This was made possible by the apartments that were constructed in the top area of the structure. There was one resident, in particular, that seems to draw on the attention of historians and those that are interested in the haunted history. This resident was the lady by the name of Louise Crawford Hill. This lady was a largely influencing person when it came to the society of Denver in the fifteen years that she lived in the Brown Palace.

Unfortunately, Louise suffered from tremendous heartbreak in her life. As the hotel gained popularity, historical tours were given within the structure. When the tours reached the room of 904 where Louise resided, the stories of her devastation were expressed. Shortly after this, despite the fact that there were no lines for a telephone in the room, the individual who worked as the operator in the building began to receive calls that were filled with nothing but static from the room. It is believed that Louise’s sadness was ignited by the historical tours and that she still resides in the building.

At one point in the hotel’s history, there was a room where train tickets were sold to the public who desired to travel from one location to another. In many instances, the conductors of the trains that were served here would frequent the ticket office. There have been numerous stories revealed about visions of spirits that appeared to be railroad conductors walking straight through the walls of the room that sold the tickets. In addition to this, a visitor or an employee of the hotel may catch images of individuals in old time attire that are carrying luggage and appear to be traveling.

There is a room in the hotel that was once referred to as the “San Marco Room”. It was a room that was known to provide entertaining social gatherings and music to guests. Eventually, it was transitioned into a hotel dining room. In today’s world, it is referred to as “Ellyngton’s”. Many bands performed in this room throughout the history of the structure, and it appears that one band has elected to stay. When going through the building one evening, an employee identified noises emerging from the room. He went to inspect it, ensuring that everything was in order. What he discovered was a musical band that appeared to be practicing an assortment of musical pieces. While a bit surprised by his findings, he calmly informed the band that they had to dismiss themselves from the location. They appeared to be solid and real, and not ghosts. The spirits then informed him that they lived at the establishment. Shortly thereafter, they simply vanished!

Salt Lake City, Utah - Thursday November 10

The Grand American Hotel

The Legend of Salt Lake City: Salt Lake City is known for its rich history, with a lengthy record of paranormal activity surrounding many of its locations. From suicides, to the sounds of children crying, to objects moving about mysteriously, it’s difficult to turn a corner without running into one ghost story or another in the Salt Lake City area. At over 160 years of age, Salt Lake city was at the center of early mining booms and the subsequent development of the first transcontinental railroad. These activities have resulted in a higher presence of paranormal activity. This profound history is sure to make Salt Lake City one of the most intriguing stops on the tour.

Portland, Oregon - Friday November 11

The Benson Hotel

Super VIP Investigation info: Above ground on Southwest Broadway sits the Benson Hotel. Constructed in 1912, the hotel is considered the most lavish in Portland. It features Italian marble flooring, glass chandeliers and a now extinct Circassian walnut that was purchased from Russia. The hotel has hosted every president since Woodrow Wilson with the exception of George W. Bush, but the hotel claims to have a constant visitor of a different sort. Simon Benson, a wealthy logging entrepreneur, funded the hotel. Benson was a teetotaler, which means he was completely against drinking alcohol. Benson therefore funded the bronze drinking fountains, called Benson Bubblers, found on the downtown sidewalks.

Ironically, the hotel now has one of the most expansive bars in the area with some of the most expensive alcohol. Gretchen said Benson died in 1942, but is said to float around the hotel, legless and clothed in a dark suit jacket, particularly spiteful at customers drinking in his hotel.

There have been a handful of other unexplainable happenings, such as knives flying off hangers on the walls in the kitchen. Guests of the hotel have also reported seeing apparitions, such as a woman in a turquoise dress or red rings, in the large gilded mirror that sits in the lobby of the hotel. One woman even reported seeing a small boy standing by her bedside who disappeared when she went to grab him.

While management doesn't officially endorse ghost stories, they've had guests tell them of "friendly experiences." There are three known hauntings. The first is the lobby area staircase leading up to the mezzanine where guests have seen a ghostly man walking down the grand staircase. Another ghost hangs out on the ninth floor and is well documented on sites such as Yelp, while the third is in a downstairs meeting room in one of the restaurants. There's also a story that a spirit helped a slightly disabled guest into bed one night. The guest thought the ghost was the night porter.

Seattle, Washington - Monday November 14

The Harvard Exit Theatre

Super VIP Investigation info: The Harvard Exit Theater located in the Seattle area has been rumored to house several hauntings. Starting in the 1920’s, this structure served as the base for the “Women’s Century Club”. The club functions were held on the first floor and several sections of the second floor was devoted to housing many of the members. The third floor was also an area that was dedicated to living arrangements. While this arrangement stayed in effect for several decades, in 1968 the structure converted into what was known as a “Theater House”.

It has been established that at least five to seven spirits reside within the walls of this popular location. If you are interested in haunted places to go, you are likely to be intrigued by the amount of paranormal activity that is experienced at the Harvard Exit Theater.

On the first floor of this theater, you may encounter a male apparition, who is half solid, half transparent. It is said that this spirit dresses in clothes that seem a bit aged – like from early history of the structure. This appears to be an intelligent haunting as he will attempt to interact with others, and even tell people his name. He introduces himself as “Peter”, and seems to be a jovial spirit that loves joking around and being social. Another spirit located in the same vicinity of the structure as our friendly ghost, “Peter”. Those who have interacted with this spirit claim that he seems to be of British decent. This spirit is not as social as the first spirit, but he does not seem to be one that causes a lot of complications. Many have felt a presence near them, felt as if they have been touched, or have witnessed unusual lights. In other incidents, personal belongings may be tugged at or slightly moved. Noises that cannot be accounted for are also heard frequently by guests and employees alike.

There is a female spirit that is said to lurk in various locations of the theater, but mostly in the area of the balcony. She seems to almost get excitement from pestering the individuals that actually work for the Harvard Exit Theater. She will appear, out of no where, in clothing that appears to reflect the Victorian dress style. There are other women who appear to haunt this structure as well. It is believed that these women originate from the Women’s Club that was originally placed in the building.

Vancouver, British Columbia - Tuesday November 15

Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

Super VIP Investigation info: As one of the most distinguishable buildings in Vancouver and a typical Fairmont chateau establishment, today's version was built in 1939. Amongst is grand architecture and its gargoyles, you may just find another one of its wonders: the lady in red. She has been described as an elegant lady in a red dress walking along an invisible ledge and wandering down the corridors of the 14th floor. Stranger still, the hotel's elevator is known to make stops on the 14th floor at random, without being requested.

She’s been seen passing through elevator doors and travelling down to the 1st floor where the elevator doors don’t even open. They are supposed to be bolted shut but a bellman and an assistant manager say they saw the doors opening and the Lady in Red stepping out.

Once, a family of Japanese tourists called the front desk, saying that they had arrived at their room only to find it already occupied. When the staff asked them to describe the person who was in their room, they said it was a lady in a long red dress and she wouldn’t pay any attention to them. The Fairmont Hotel staff told the shocked tourists about the tragic story of the Lady in Red.

Another Fairmont Hotel bellman had a close encounter with the ghost when he was checking guests into room 1403. He saw the Lady in Red brush past him, following the guests into the room. When the surprised bellman entered the room, the Lady in Red had vanished.


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